Having Trouble with our Phones? Here's How we can address your needs more promptly

We'd like to thank our patients who brought to our attention the wait times for our phone system, and we are proactively working to decrease the wait time on the phones. Here are some tips on how we can address your needs more promptly:

Medication refills and lab results:
Calling our office to speak to our staff may seem like the most efficient way to get in touch with us, but requesting through our patient portal truly is the most direct way to request these things, as they go directly to your provider instead of to our medical reception staff. Please sign up if you have not already.

We also have a voicemail inbox for medication refills when you call. These are checked by the nurses directly, so this is another way to get your issues addressed jumping through the fewest hoops.


Calling your location:
Did you know we have three locations? By calling the location that corresponds with your provider, you can help us more quickly address your needs.

Sango clinic - (931) 245-1150
Providers: Christine, PA-C; Jewell, FNP-C; Moore, MD; and Shannon, PA-C

Hilldale clinic - (931) 647-6305
Providers: Whitney, FNP-C; Johnson, MD

Erin clinic - (931) 289-2450
Providers: Mandy, FNP-C; Wilson, MD

Thank you