Dear Patient,

We are proud and excited to announce that on July 19, 2014, CovenantCare physicians David Boles and Abegaile Denison have received Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition.  A PCMH is a model of care that utilizes a proactive, team-based approach for the early detection and prevention of disease.  Our PCMH accreditation is earned through the National Committee for Quality Assurance and validates our commitment to providing you the highest quality of care.  

As a Patient Centered Medical Home we are continually endeavoring to improve your patient experience.  We feature cutting edge electronic health records which allow patients and staff to communicate with one through our online Portal, providing the convenience of access to your healthcare team when you need them.  By logging in to your Portal account you can view your schedule of appointments, request scheduling, send and receive messages to and from your healthcare team, view results and view recommendations for upcoming care.  Additionally, we are pleased to provide you with a new member of your healthcare team, Patient Care Coordinators.  Patient Care Coordinators provide outreach when you are due for preventive exams and screenings, review your chart for updates prior to your appointment and will ensure that you are seen by your primary care provider following a trip to the hospital.

As your Medical Home we strive to:
    •    Work with you to improve your health- healing minds, bodies and souls
    •    Develop a personal care plan with you to address any chronic conditions you may have
    •    Set goals with you and help you to track and monitor your progress
    •    Give you the information and tools you need to support a healthy lifestyle
    •    Ensure you are receiving all preventive services
    •    Inform you of all healthcare results in a timely manner
    •    Review your medications and supplements at every visit and discuss any interactions or concerns
    •    Coordinate any additional services or testing
    •    Make scheduling as easy and accessible as possible
    •    Provide you with after-hours access.  Call any office number to reach our on-call provider

CovenantCare is a group of Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Medical Assistants, Care Coordinators and Administrative staff but our team also includes you, dear patient, and our mission is to achieve the best possible outcomes from this cooperative effort.  

As the patient, we ask for your partnership:
    •    As your Medical Home, seek us first in the treatment for your routine and urgent care needs
    •    Schedule yearly wellness exams
    •    Keep and come to your regularly scheduled visits for your chronic health conditions or illnesses
    •    Inform us of your complete medical health history and notify us of any changes  
    •    Inform us of all the medications and supplements you take, including what you purchase over-the-counter, by bringing your medications or a medication list to each visit
    •    Actively participate with your doctor on planning your care and setting goals
    •    Ask questions regarding concerns you have about your health, medications you are taking and treatment or tests you are receiving
    •    Consult your doctor before seeing a specialist outside your Medical Home.  Please provide us with the name and contact information for any specialists you see so that we may coordinate your care to ensure you receive the right services at the right time
    •    Request that other doctors you see send us a copy of lab reports, test results and visit summaries
    •    Complete our patient satisfaction survey; we look forward to your feedback
    •    Be prepared to update your personal information such as insurance, address, phone numbers and email at each appointment as necessary

At CovenantCare we are here for you in sickness and in health.  We appreciate your faith in us and value your partnership. Thank you for your participation in improving how we provide your care.